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The Venus Factor – More Than A Normal Diet Plan

In Todays post I review the Venus Factor which is an increasingly popular weight loss program aimed at women. Its main claim is it helps women to lose body fat fast. The Venus Factor Diet System appears to be changing the lives of thousands of women judging by its massive user community and its sales volume.

The Venus Factor diet plan has created even more buzz lately about the evergreen topic of weight loss and diet plans. In this review we examine the claims of real people who are using the Venus Factor and relating beneficial experiences. It seems they are reaping the benefits of this new research based diet program. There are even claims that some women have literally dropped as much as a couple of dress sizes within a week or so of applying these fast methods to lose weight. Well it certainly made me curious!

The Venus Factor Claims

Ok! Claims that the Venus Factor can do this may sound far-fetched and they did to me, but later, further down this page there is a fuller and detailed review of the Venus Factor that gives more factual reporting.

But you should always bear in mind in reports like these that the individual results that are seen are not typical of everybody who tries any diet program and that goes for the Venus Factor diet plan too. When dramatic changes take place they are mainly achieved as a result of hard work and dedication by individuals pursuing a sound plan. In this case they applied the effort to this unique Venus Factor diet plan which does have a scientific researched based foundation and methodology behind it.

Never the less it is worth reporting that the Venus Factor is producing significant changes for normal women using this system. By the shear weight of testimony it is positively affecting the lives of so many women who have taken in and applied the knowledge gained by using the Venus Factor System and incorporating it into an everyday habit and way of living.

These are the women who have found out how to reduce body fat and keep it that way with the Venus Factor.

For those of you who just want to know why the Venus Factor Diet Program is one of the best weight loss programs for women and get the full scoop right now…

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Does the Venus Factor work?

venus factor reduces belly fat

To get the full facts and my personal review do please read on…

But before we dive into the Venus Factor diet plan details, let first introduce myself. My name is Angela and I’m in my mid 50′s but liking it. I have recently come to live in Sweden with my partner James. That’s me in the photo on the right. I have done lots of interesting work over the years but in the last 15 years or so I have really taken an interest in health and particularly women’s health issues. You read so much about these evergreen issues its hard to sort out facts from fiction. This was really the motivation for me writing online and creating my own blogs to review the various claims made all around us. I felt a personal need to spell out my objective opinions on things that were worth writing about. So rather than just write about any old women related recycled issues I decided to write about how to lose weight, fitness & weight loss programs in particular. My aim was to pick out the facts from all the media hype and noise, do the research and tell my readers about it.

More Research About How Women Lose Weight Fast

Now as promised here is some of the latest research on the subject on fatty tissue and what controls it. Men and women have to handle separate issues when it concerns the various parts of the body and weight reduction is no exception. I see this a lot in the media where typically questions are asked like how to lose body fat for women fast? or fastest way to lose belly fat for women? and the reason you see so many more questions like this, is that all women know that the female body tends to store fat by natural design. Its the way that women’s bodies has evolved over millions of years. But equally naturally for us, we also want to know what are the best to keep extra weight off.

Due to the fact that the hormone environment is so different from man to woman. For example testosterone and oestrogen vary greatly from guys to women and even more so in particular to our fat burning leptin levels where leptin is a natural hormone released in our fat cells. Controlling leptin levels is the clue as to how a well structured diet plan like the Venus Factor System helps to reduce body weight fast.

drop 3 dress sizes in 7 days Leptin plays a vital function in the control of appetite, metabolic processes and the chemical signals involved in weight gain and burning cellulite. When you eat, leptin levels increase and when you’re not consuming food they fall. This way it regulates your sense of appetite and your metabolic rate to keep you from increasing or lowering your weight. As long as they don’t rise too high or fall too low you’ll remain weight stable and feel great.

When women attempt a difficult diet plan leptin levels can fall too far too fast and you will discover that it gets tougher to slim down and lose weight. You can eventually crash and experience a big rebound in weight gain. This dramatic increase and fall of leptin levels could very well be exactly what is triggering so many limiting diets to fail and so many people regaining all the weight they lost and some!

You can read more about Leptin And Burning Fat Here

Lets Review The Venus Factor Program And Ask Does It Work Quickly And Lead To Permanent Weight Loss

What is The Venus Factor?

Venus Factor Review

First off the Venus Factor is a weight loss program designed around the understanding and power of how leptin works to reduce fatty tissue and gain optimal results without the usual major crashes or weight rebounds associated with other diet failures. The Venus Factor system offers one of the fastest ways to lose weight and dramatically increases female metabolism. It aims to bring back the body shape you desire but by reducing body fat fast with long term, enjoyable results and without restricting the foods you crave most and still lose weight.

Who is The Venus Factor For?

The Venus Factor diet was created for woman who are ready to give up on all those faddy diet plans and gimmick answers to follow a proven, step by step system for lifelong weight loss but without giving up your favourite foods and drinks. It aims to get you that bikini body without spending endless hours in the gym or sacrificing your flavoursome favourite foods or glass of wine if thats your thing.

Well Does The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program Work?

Looking at the The Venus Factor web site and the shear number of personal testimonies with video and photo evidence its hard to believe you could get that many people to lie or make it up. From my point of view it appears the effects are long lasting mainly due to the underlying principles of the Venus Factor weight loss system upon which the Venus Factor is based, good old Leptin!.

The Venus Factor program offers a systematic way to continue managing your weight because you apply simple principles to your eating behaviour that create habitual ways to maximise your fatty tissue burning potential. (See my post Fruit & Vegetables That Burn Fat). In this way you don’t feel like your always making sacrifices to yourself so you don’t really feel like you are on a regime of torture as you can eat all the things you normally do.

The makers of the Venus Factor System claim their methods provide the best way to lose overall body fat fast and Yet it is NOT another faddy, restrictive, or difficult diet that inevitably results in:

  • Uncontrollable food cravings
  • You don’t lose weight with frustrating plateaus where nothing changes
  • Reduced energy levels and fatigue
  • A damaged, slower, cellulite storing metabolism

venus factor Watch This Video To Get An In Depth Explanation Of The Venus Factor

Now A Bit More Research on Leptin – It’s Not All Plain Sailing

First The Bad News

Women can be 3 times less responsive to Leptin’s signal to burn fat than men. This suggests although women have a lot more Leptin they just aren’t utilising its fat burning capacity to lose weight. This condition is referred to as “Leptin Resistance”. An obvious indication of Leptin resistance is the soft, squishy, cottage-cheese looking fat found in your soft tissue locations. However, Leptin Resistance is simply 1 of 2 special problems that eliminates female fat loss.

The 2nd special issue women face with Leptin is that when you try other diets offering fast ways to lose weight, your Leptin levels can drop two times as much and twice as fast as compared to when men follow a similar diet plan. As was stated above, when Leptin drops your metabolic rate strikes the brakes and slows right down. This is precisely why women experience discouraging weight loss plateaus on diets so much faster than men.

Now The Good News

You see, your female body is hardwired to combat a losing fight with Leptin each time you attempt to lose weight. This is just a natural genetic human evolutionary response designed to keep us able to nurture our offspring. Its just the way us girls are made!

Yet, this is where it gets actually intriguing. Recall the good news research above…

Women naturally have two times as much Leptin as men.

This, as odd as it sounds, implies you have much more fat burning potential than guys. It’s simply almost totally UNTAPPED. But there are ways to switch this capacity back on and in the Venus Factor it’s called Metabolic Override.

Metabolic override consists of simple, yet very effective methods that hold the key to unleashing your complete fat burning potential to lose weight that your genetic makeup has kept locked away your whole life.

These are the techniques used in the Venus Factor program. So essentially the program makers and their many clients seem to be raving about it! The claim is that many hundreds of women have experienced the same shocking but life-changing weight loss results.

From my understanding the Venus Factor weight loss program focuses on these tested metabolic override techniques. It uses unique methods for fast ways to lose weight for women forming a strategy for long-term fat loss. But apart from the long term weight loss benefits for women, the plan claims this is a diet to lose it fast! This is the main appeal and corner stone of the program.

So Whats In The Venus Factor Program & Can You Lose Body Fat Long Term?

In addition to the The program elements of the system, the training on the Venus Factor main program, there are 2 additional bonuses included…

12 Week Venus Factor Exercise Program

This 12 week female weight loss exercise program is designed to match the main program idea because a lot of women that exercise are unconsciously ruining their plans making use of strategies created for men rather than following a system verified to match a woman’s hormone environment. The Venus Factor program uses distinct workouts to match your hormonal state to target, reinforce and tone your softest locations, and remove cellulite from them while accelerating your weight loss results.

143 Venus Factor Premium Video Training Lessons

It looks like this program leaves no stone unturned. There are 143 premium video training lessons so you have all the sophisticated tips and techniques that focus on female fat loss. This is like having your own individual fitness instructor at home.

An Active Venus Factor Community

There is a very active user community which comes as an additional exclusive bonus to the thousands of Venus Factor members. It looks to be very active and I think it is always helpful in these weight programs that such things exist for mutual support and even friendship.

Well What Do I Think About The Venus Factor

Having studied the Venus Factor program and the science behind it and for those women wanting to lose weight fast, particularly belly fat (see my post How To Lose Belly Fat For Women) It really does seem to deliver from that point of view. But the overriding fact has to be the shear number of contented clients and judging by the size of the very active user community its a very positive and supportive network of women with the same aims and its a very social group as well. So if you go ahead your bound to make loads of new friends. Finally I happen to know this program is the hottest thing out there right now.

Venus Factor Cost

Do you know, thats the nice thing about this. The program is packed with value and I’m going to let you find out the price yourself. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised!

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The Venus Factor System – Weight Loss Program For Women

In this program you will discover that women need strategic, what I call “munching-up” days where they can be relaxed about what they eat throughout the program to avoid leptin level induced crashes and rebound weight gain. And because of the way Leptin and the female body interact you get more of these days more often than guys. Once you have struck this balance the program promises that the fat will come off faster than you believe. And as a woman, the procedure itself will be much more pleasurable since you get to take periodic breaks from the diet and still lose weight. The good thing about this program is that it works for women of any age, (see my post How To Lose Body Fat For Women Over 40) this is built into the system.

Should You Buy The Venus Factor?

To sum it all up, the Venus Factor is a comprehensive plan that hits the sweet spot between easy enough ‘diet days’ incorporated with simply enough ‘munching_up’ days. It is combined with a specifically tailored female focused training to complement the fat burning regime and you can do this at home. When you add in the social support of the online community network you have what seems to me a very comprehensive package. I am reluctant to say that the Venus Factor is the best way to lose body fat for women fast but this plan certainly has a lot going for it and the results speak for themselves. Oh! and I nearly forgot there’s a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee! So even if you don’t lose weight you won’t lose money either. Even if it’s just not fast enough for you there’s no risk involved.

That seems like the Venus Factor system is a win-win deal to me!

PS. Please contact me here to let me know what you think of the Venus Factor program if you try it. I will then publish more objective results on this site from your feedback to help other people make their own judgment about the Venus Factor Diet System and if it achieves its goal of long term weight loss.

Thanks Angela

Try The Venus Factor – Best Way To Lose Body Fat Fast

Venus Factor Customer Feedback

In order to give you feedback from real people who have tried the Venus Factor I thought I would include here the results of a search I did on Yahoo Answers. I did a search for “Venus Factor” and came across the perfect question and answers that I thought was so appropriate and would give you an other opinion apart from mine about the Venus Factor diet program. Here is the Q&A…

Does anyone have an honest opinion or review of the Venus Factor diet?

An honest Venus Factor review or an opinion please? Is the Venus Factor effective? Looking to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks. Has anyone on the Venus Factor diet managed this? Negative or positive Venus Factor reviews, just be honest please!!!
"Venus Factor Customer Review

Update : Thanks for the Venus Factor Reviews. I bought it from the website you recommended Chloe. I emailed them with questions such as what was included in the Venus Factor and they gave me honest answers and information. They even emailed me examples of Venus Factor meal plans and workouts.

Chloe answered 2 months ago

Hi, I found the Venus Factor excellent. I finished the whole 12 weeks and lost 25 lbs so my honest opinion is that the Venus Factor does work if you put in the effort. Here is my Venus Factor review. The program is big and encompasses a lot. It includes workout schedules, videos, diets and a plethora of information in the manuals.

Then you have the applications such as the virtual nutritionist, which manages your calories and the Venus Index calculator which measures up your ideal weight and sets goals for you to get there, which are invaluable. You enter into the program your details, your goals, your favourite foods and your lifestyle preference e.g. if you're working or on the go and out pops your menu with times when to eat and calories. All so simple really.

The Venus Factor workouts are well crafted with strength and weight training designed specifically for women, and done three times a week. I've never done any weights before and I’m honestly surprised that I liked it. There are lots of instructional videos on all the moves. The diets are great. They are varied, one day you eat more calories and the next less, so your system doesn't adapt. The Venus Factor is split into two parts, diet for fat loss and exercise for shaping. So, if you're mostly looking to just take weight off, you would focus on the diet. It says it's a 12 week program but you can stretch it out or repeat it or do it every other day, it's up to your personal goals.

Personally my favourite part of the Venus Factor program was meeting all the other users in the community from all walks of life.

An additional feature of the Venus Factor plan that I also took the liberty of taking part in is the organized competitions run throughout the year, which can really keep you motivated and heading in the right direction.

As for negatives, if you’re expecting dvd’s there none, instead you instantly watch or download videos and ebooks. I actually find this a positive as I had instant access to the program and could download it to my iPad. Anyway I hope my Venus Factor review helped. Good luck from Chloe

Asker’s rating & comment

5 out of 5

Other Answers (3)

Julie answered 2 months ago

Hi Isabel. The Venus Factor diet played a crucial role in my weight loss. The program is simple to follow, yet challenging and also accessible. There is software that helps you find the appropriate amount you should be eating based on your needs and where you are in your weight loss goals. Like Chloe says in her Venus Factor review everything is available online. You get a password and can access all the information and forums. Then you can print off the workouts and take them to the gym or just keep them for home use. There are videos of every exercise, showing you exactly how to do it. It is based on body shaping and looking good in all the right places, which I really like. It's hard work, but it's worth it. The Venus Factor community is an absolute blessing and the women are so helpful and encouraging. I totally recommend it to any women looking to lose weight.

Myra Answered 2 months ago

Hello Isabel

I bought the Venus Factor before few weeks and in general I can tell you that I'm happy with my purchase.

This program is much more detailed and content rich than other similar fat loss programs for females on the net which I have tried using before and the customer support from John Barban is also good until now.

Personally, I really like a combination between workout routines and nutrition tips that John Barban teaches in the Venus Factor program and I believe that the 2 months money-back guarantee from him is definitely a fair offer which can enable any woman to start using the Venus Factor without any risk.

As with any other program for losing weight, the Venus Factor also has few negative aspects and I don't really feel that it is a magic bullet like many reviews online claim, nevertheless so far I'm really happy with the results and I believe that with the correct mind-set it is possible for most women to get at least some results in quite a short period of time. Either way, with the full guarantee I do not think that there is something to lose…

Hope that it helps you

Wahag 2 months ago

you can try it and if you don't like it you can make full refund.

Content Source: Courtesy Yahoo Answers

Remember to take a look at my Venus Factor Diet review. I think there are more women out there like me trying to find an honest review about diets and weight loss programs so check it out!

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Lose Belly Fat For Women

lose belly fatAnother perennial issue for women are questions like how to lose body fat fast or how to lose belly fat.

The best strategies to lose weight include both a diet plan and exercise. As you guessed there’s absolutely nothing new there. Nevertheless, it requires 2 distinct means of going about it.

The Nutrition Part

The best way to lose belly fat from a nutrition point of view is to adopt a Fat-Burning Low-carbohydrate Nutrition plan as this is the most-effective means of shedding pounds from the body.

Why It Is Important To Know How The Body Burns Fat

Basically, the body burns energy in the following order:.

  • Carbohydrates (from food and saved glycogen)
  • Fat (from food and body fat)
  • Protein (from food and muscle tissue)

Fastest Ways To Reduce Fatty Tissue

If you consume what many government standards recommend you eat, you are a carb-burner. It then becomes obvious from above that if you change that fuel it will be replaced by burning body fat. So if your current main energy source is carbs, then you need to kill the carbs!

At that point, the fat you eat gets consumed initially, and then you begin burning away your bodies fatty tissue as your main source of energy. Your body weight loss is then coming from stored fat. A word of caution though, do not eat massive amounts of it and likewise you do not need to go down to zero carbs to benefit.

The problem with low-fat weight loss plans (which by nature are high-carb diets), is that when your ‘food calories’ are gone, the body will burn a mixture of both fatty tissue and muscle tissue (protein). As muscle is metabolically active meaning it burns calories all day long just by existing, then losing muscle mass is a disaster for women dieting. Their metabolic rate will continuously reduce in time. We need that active muscle to burn up the calories!

This is one of the main reasons why low-fat diet plans very frequently produce short-term outcomes. First you slim down for a while, but then it stops you plateaux, it stops working, you don’t lose more weight (as your metabolic process has crashed) and then you pile it back on again big time!

Using High Intensity Interval Training To Burn More Fatty Tissue Away

how to remove belly fat with HIIT

Doing Workouts With loads and loads of cardio is also not a good idea. Overdoing cardio exercise will certainly likewise put your body in a state where it breaks down lean muscle tissue this is called catabolism. What concerns is, how do we complement our fat-burning nutritional approach with a fat-burning workout so we lose weight from the right places.

Weight Loss With HIIT – The Exercise Part Of The Trick

The general term for this type of training is called HIIT, or high intensity interval training. It’s a training technique in which you go all-out with bursts of one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise. This is then followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.

How Does High Intensity Interval Training Work?

This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fatty tissue in less time. Research reveals that this sort of work burns more fat than steady-state cardio, normally by about 50 %. In reality, one particular investigation demonstrated up to a 9 fold increase in weight loss for this type (HIIT) of cardio exercise pattern compared to low-medium intensity cardio training.

Also, with regard to belly fat in particular, study has actually shown that HIIT can produce more fat loss in the belly area than other parts of the body. Some Australian research discovered that a HIIT control group lost 3 times more fat and significantly more belly fat than the steady-state cardio group who really worked out for twice as long!

Even better news – HIIT need just be performed for 10-20 minutes at a time

Hopefully you can see that these are helpful tips for weight loss. The key thing to take away from all this is balanced nutrition will certainly work synergistically to produce genuinely reliable fat-loss when combined with the right exercise regime, HIIT in particular.

Watch This Video To See Workout Tips for Women To Reduce Body Fat & Maximise Results

Get your body to burn fat for energy.

So add exercise that will make use of the most fat burning potential as possible. I hope you enjoyed this article and in later posts I will be writing about weight loss programs that get this balance right. I just think its important that you find a weight-loss program that you feel you can deal with to bring about permanent beneficial changes to your life.

I think there are more women out there like me trying to find an honest review about diets and weight loss programs so check my Venus Factor Diet Program Review.

Want to Lose That Belly Fat? Watch This Video To See How

Fruit & Vegetables That Burn Fat

When I do my research for genuine issues to write about and I check the questions women are asking and try to piece together some answers. In this post I am going to address questions often asked like what are the fruits that burn fat or vegetables that burn fat or even does grapefruit burn fat

fruit & vegetables to burn fat

What I want to show you here, as I will demonstrate in my future posts, is that The Secret To Weight Loss Is To Improve Your Metabolic Rate

Certain foods have a really high thermogenic result, so you literally swelter away and expend calories as you chew. Other natural foods contain nutrients and compounds that feed your metabolic fire. The Key is to feed your metabolism. Here are some examples of fruits & vegetables and their benefits.

Some Fruit & Vegetables That Burn Fat & And Help You Lose Weight

Use Entire Grains – Great For Fiber

Your body burns twice as many calories breaking down whole foods (especially those rich in fiber such as oatmeal and brown rice) than processed foods.

Eat Lean Meats – Burn Calories To Digest

Protein has a high thermogenic impact: You burn about 30 % of the calories the food consists of throughout food digestion, so a 300-calorie chicken breast consumes about 90 calories to digest it!.

Use low-fat Milk Products – Helps Muscle Building

These products are rich in calcium and vitamin D, these assist to build and protect muscle mass which is vital for preserving a durable metabolic rate. Your muscles are your bodies big calorie burners. The engine room if you like. This is where the calories should get burned up to aid weight loss for women.

Green Tea – A Nice Eco-Friendly Surprise

Researchers found a substance EGCG, present in green tea, temporarily speeds metabolic process after sipping it. The study showed that consuming 4 cups of green tea a day assisted people shed even more than 6 pounds in an 8 week period. So boost your consumption of green tea and keep a jug of iced tea in the fridge.

Lentils – Boost Iron Intake – Cheap And Plentiful

One cup of lentils contains 35 % of your everyday iron needs. This is worth knowing, since up to 20 % of people are deficient in iron! Vitamins and mineral are essential for the metabolic processes in your body. Without them, your metabolism slow down and your body ceases to work efficiently.

Hot peppers – Fachitas & Curries

fat burning foods

fat burning foods

Think Mexican & Indian Cooking. Capsaicin, is the active ingredient that gives chilli peppers their kick. It heats up your body, which makes your body react and consume extra calories to stabalize the metabolism. You can get it by consuming raw, cooked, dried out, or powdered peppers.

There are some fruits that in fact help you burn fat. Adding even more of these fruits to your diet can help with weight loss. Some fruits actually assist you to do this.

Burning It Away With Grapefruit

Many studies validate that grapefruit is an excellent weight loss food. In one study at Johns Hopkins University, women who eat grapefruit everyday dropped virtually 20 pounds on average in just 13 weeks, without changing anything else in their diet or way of life.

Tomatoes – The Salad Fruit

Are packed with vitamin C and the phytochemical lycopene, tomatoes stimulate the manufacturing of the amino acid referred to as Carnitine and helps speed the body’s fat-burning capacity by 30 %.

Avocado – Helps With Heart Disease

Are loaded with healthy Omega 9 fatty acids (the very same fats found in olive oil, olives, and macadamia nuts), avocados speed the conversion of fat into energy and increase the rate of metabolism.

Lemons – liver Detoxifiers

They make exceptional liver detoxifiers, lemons also alkalize our body. They may appear acidic based upon taste but in the process of being metabolized by the body, they in fact alkalize our body tissues and fluids. Preserving the health of the liver is also crucial to the body to digest and burn fat, knowing that the liver is one of the organs accountable for these functions.

Coconut – Increase Liver Metabolism

Coconut is rich with medium chain triglycerides (MCFAs) which increase the liver’s rate of metabolism by up to 30 percent, according to some experts. They also help keep you full so you’re less likely to snack on junk food. Coconut oil frequently aids the functioning of the thyroid gland. Coconut oil, coconut milk (not the low fat variety), coconut flour, and shredded (unsweetened) coconut all contain MCFAs.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables contains high levels of vitamins A and C that can help decrease the stress hormones in the body that can store belly fat. In addition, green leafy vegetables provide a great source of folic acid, which has a critical role to play in protein digestion and metabolism.

Adequate folic acid has a role to help protein get metabolised, it may may also help to keep your body’s insulin levels stable. Peaks or rapidly changing insulin levels can trigger fat storage, especially in the belly. So consuming foods rich in folic acid helps to stabilise insulin levels, thereby reducing the storage of belly fat.

Examples of green vegetables include…

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumbers
  • Green beans
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini

Great Ways to Benefit With These Fruits & Vegetables

fat burning fruits

fat burning fruits + vegetables

It’s easy to enjoy the weight-loss benefits of these fruits. Use full-fat coconut milk and oil in curries, healthy smoothies, or baking. Try the Eco-friendly Green Tea & Lemonade as a fantastic means to profit off lemons. Enjoy a grapefruit for your morning meal or as a treat instead of something sweet. Make your very own fresh salsa or add tomatoes to soups, curries, stews, or salads. Make fresh guacamole with minced onion, garlic, lemon juice, and chopped tomato and cilantro. “Ummm Yummy!” makes me hungry just writing it. Oh! and don’t forget to eat all those lovely greens, just like your mum always said. Green vegetables as we have seen are really helpful to in helping prevent excessive belly fat storage.

Now You Know What Fruits To Eat – What About The Other Fruits

Not only will these fruits only assist with weight loss, they have plenty of other health benefits too. Avocado for example helps to avoid heart disease.

Most fruit consists of excessive amount of natural sugars that rapidly converts into fat when consumed in excessive amounts. The fruits I include here are some fruits that really work to assist to burn fat.

Including more of these fruits & vegetables in your diet will certainly assist you with weight loss. So remember some fruits actually assist you to burn fatty tissue away but not all. Also note in addition to helping with weight loss and the other benefits mentioned these fruits and vegetables have plenty of other wellness benefits for women too.

So, that’s it, I hope these cool fruits & vegetables food tips really help you with your weight loss dieting plans. But before I finish I think there are more women out there like me trying to find an honest review about diets and weight loss programs so check my review of the Venus Factor Diet Program Here.

Burn Cellulite Away – Watch This Video To See How

The Venus Factor & Losing Body Fat For Women Over 40

The Venus Factor diet is designed to burn body fat quickly but before we go into the details of the Venus Factor System lets take a look at what happens to a women’s body as the she get older.

You’ve most likely noticed that it’s become a lot easier to put on a few pounds than to lose them if you’re like lots of females attempting to lose weight and diet but you’re now a women over 40.

losing weight for women over 40
The foods that you consumed without care in your 20s and 30s now stay with your body like glue, adding bulk to your belly. Fortunately: The option to a slim and have a firm body at 40-plus is no farther away than your fridge. Research reveals that, when women incorporate a little routine exercise, what you consume and when you consume it are your metabolic trump cards for constructing muscle mass, the body’s prime calorie-burning tissue and a key driver of your metabolic process. This is why if you are older women you should be aware of this natural process and avoid losing critical muscle mass.

I think there are more women out there like me trying to find an honest review about diets and weight loss programs so remember to check out my Venus Factor review.

Older Women Should Be Aware of Dwindling Muscle Mass

The main wrongdoer that slows metabolic process and typically leads to yo-yo dieting is exactly what is called the shrinking muscle syndrome. Starting at age 30, a lot of women begin to lose about half a pound of the metabolism engine fat burning tissue each year. On average a sedentary women might have lost nearly 15 pounds of muscle by the time she reaches her late 50s, a change that could cause most women to gain nearly the same amount in body fatty tissue.

However too-tight denims, a swollen belly, and an enhanced threat of diabetes don’t need to be your future. Your chances of winding up with all these problems increase with each pound of muscle you lose. It doesn’t have to be like that! The best way to lower body fat for women is to safeguard your body muscle mass and “turn up the heat” on your body’s natural calorie-killing heating system. Here are some really useful health tips for those looking for a weight loss diet plan, especially if you are an older women.

General Ways To Increase Weight Loss For Women Over 40

  • Eat healthy, protein-rich foods to support the building of calorie-burning muscle mass, and follow a moderate-calorie diet plan.
  • Strength-train two times a week to fight muscle loss and build muscle mass
  • Squeeze in quickie cardio intense workouts 3 times a week to add to your normal calorie burn.

Body Fat Concerns For Older Women

Among the most common concerns is how to lose a fat belly and in fact this is the most dangerous sort, besides looks, big waist lines can be indications of disease.

6 Fast Ways To Lose Body Fat For Women

The Right Amount Of Sleep

Losing sleep can also change your hormone manufacturing, influencing your cortisol levels that trigger insulin sensitivity, prime factors controlling fatty tissue build-up especially in the belly region! Getting about 7 hours of sleep a night is one of the finest things you can do for your body forming objectives.

Brief Bursts Of Workouts

Doing hundreds of crunches a night might get you strong abdominal muscles, however with a full layer of fatty tissue underneath, you will not get the outcomes you truly want. Getting up and moving throughout the day by going for quick walks and other bouts of intensive and pleasurable activity will certainly help reduce weight if you get my drift.

Kick The Sugar – Before It kicks You

Battling Belly FatBattling fat belly is 80 % of healthy weight loss. Lower calorie intake by filling yourself up with protein, veggies, whole grains, and replacing bad routine treats with great ones. As an example, if you have a sugar yearning, replace your calorie packed latte with a Muscle Milk lite because it has absolutely no sugar and a lots of protein and that will satisfy while killing your sugar yearning!

Another great technique is a sprinkle of cinnamon in your morning coffee or oatmeal – the spice has actually been shown to maintain blood sugar levels. It likewise slows the rate at which food exits the stomach, which means you feel fuller for longer.

Vitamin C – Well We Have All Heard That But Why?

When you’re under extreme anxiety, you secret more cortisol hormone. Vitamin C helps stabilise the cortisol spikes that happen to you under this stress. Besides being a good way to counteract a cold, Vitamin C is also necessary for making Carnitine, a substance utilised by the body to turn fat into fuel, making this vitamin a fat burning friend.

If you’re going through an emotional crisis, tension from work, or a bad binging splurge, enhance your vitamin C. It will counteract the adverse side effects. Try bell peppers, kale or kiwi fruits. These have much more Vitamin C than the popular Orange!

Consume Fatty Foods – But The Right Sort

Surprisingly! It takes fat to burn fat. Like I stated above, it’s sugar that builds fatty tissue, not fat. Great fatty things to eat include foods rich in Omega 3s, like salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods also contain nutrients that help keep you satiated throughout the day.

Control Your Breathing

Many individuals under stress either alternate holding their breath with brief breaths, or take fast shallow breaths. After you become mindful of your own breathing, purposely unwind your belly and slow down the breathing. This works best if you concentrate on slowing down the exhalation rather than your inhalation.

Summary Of Things You Can Do To Lose Body Fat For Older Women

That stress can get even worse with bad dieting; studies reveal that the anxiety triggered by dieting can increase cortisol levels, making no modification in fatty tissue even with calorie restriction. Losing sleep can also modify your hormone manufacturing, affecting your cortisol levels that cause insulin level sensitivity, prime factors which effect fatty tissue build up! Apart from being a great method to neutralise a cold, Vitamin C is also vital for making Carnitine, a substance made use of by the body to turn fat into fuel, making this vitamin your weight loss friend.

Using The Venus Factor System To Boost Your Metabolic Rate

In line with the ideas mentioned above to restore and maintain a high metabolic rate I will outline here a diet plan that follows similar principles. The Venus Factor diet was created for woman who are ready to give up on all those faddy diet plans and gimmick answers to follow a proven, step by step system for lifelong weight loss but without giving up your favourite foods and drinks.

So Whats In The Venus Factor Program?

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program for women designed around the understanding and power of how leptin works to reduce stored fatty tissue and gain optimal results without the usual major crashes or weight rebounds associated with other diets. The plan offers one of the fastest ways to lose body fat and dramatically increases female metabolism.

In addition to the program elements of the system and the training on the Venus Factor main program, there are additional complementary elements involved in the Venus factor diet plan.

The Venus Factor System Includes Diet Plan and Workouts

Venus System

The Venus factor program is very comprehensive and includes regular workout schedules, videos, diets and lots of information provided in the handy manuals. There is a software element too with cool and really useful online application tools provided in the program like the virtual nutritionist, which you use to manage your calorie intake and the Venus Index calculator which measures your ideal weight and sets you weight loss goals to get to it. Really Handy!

To start the program the Venus Factor System creates a menu for you. You first create a profile where you enter personal details, your favourite foods, your goals and lifestyle preferences like whether you will be busy working or on the go. The menu it creates explains the menu with times when to eat and the calories to consume.

The Venus Factor Workouts

The Venus Factor workouts are well structured and balanced including strength and weight loss training designed specifically for women and these are done three times a week. There are plenty of instructional videos to explain all the moves and manoeuvres & techniques involved.

The Venus Factor Diet Plan

The Venus Factor Diet Plan suggests diets that are varied and seem to go down well with the women on the program. Each day is different, one day you eat more calories and the next less, so your system doesn’t adapt to a particular regime. This is all designed to maintain a high metabolic rate for burning fat. If you are a women over 40 and you are concerned about losing body fat then the Venus Factor could be the diet and exercise plan your looking for.

The Venus Factor has two distinct parts, diet for weight loss and exercise for shaping up the body. You can adapt your routine to what your personal goals may be. If you see your focus as just weight loss you would concentrate more on the diet. The Venus factor exercise program is designed as a 12 week program but it is very flexible and you can stretch it out, repeat it, or even do it on alternate days. It all depends on you your lifestyle and your personal goals.

Venus Factor Community

There is a very active user community of women of all age groups which comes as an additional bonus with the Venus Factor program where you get the opportunity to join and meet up with the thousands of Venus Factor members. It is very popular because many women find it invaluable to share their experiences, swap notes, keep motivated and make friends.

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